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NFT NYC 2024

NFT Week was an absolute blast! From reconnecting with friends from around the world to engaging in deep conversations about the future of art and technology, the experience was truly unforgettable. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights:

Showing at Lume Studios

I was thrilled to showcase my work at Lume Studios for the first time, and not just once, but twice! On Monday, as part of the Palm Network show, I debuted "Bridges" on a large screen. Seeing my work so massive was incredibly surreal and exhilarating.

Then, on Friday night, I had the opportunity to show "Buddha in Miami" upstairs as part of the Subjective Show. Both exhibitions were met with enthusiasm and interest, and it was a privilege to share my art with such a diverse and engaged audience.

Memorable Moments

One of the standout events was Blunt and Brunch in the old Nat Sherman shop. The atmosphere was buzzing, and it was fantastic to hang out with Paper Buddha and his crew. Another highlight was attending Efdot’s open studio, which was a great source of inspiration and creativity.

And as if the week couldn't get any better, I even managed to squeeze in a concert by one of my favorite bands, Young Fathers. The energy and passion of their performance perfectly capped off an amazing week.

NFT Week was not just about showcasing art; it was about forming connections, exchanging ideas, and envisioning the future. I'm incredibly grateful for the experiences and the people I met along the way.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and exhibitions. Until next time, keep glitching and creating!

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