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The Halvening Nolcha Show

Updated: Jun 11

At the peak of NFT NYC week, Wednesday night was a spectacular whirlwind as my AR glitch art took center stage at NOLCHA SHOWS' event, The Halvening. The evening was a dazzling blend of art, technology, and wonder that left attendees in awe.


A Night of Glitchy Magic

Many experienced AR glitch art for the first time, and their reactions were priceless. "I've never seen anything like this before!" was the sentiment echoed throughout the venue. The AR elements added a wondrous, immersive twist that captivated everyone.


Buzz and Conversations

The buzz around the AR glitch art was nonstop, with everyone talking about the unique and innovative experience. It was thrilling to see my art spark so much excitement and conversation.


The Halvening was more than an art show; it was a night of spectacular, glitchy brilliance. Thanks to everyone who joined this incredible journey. Stay tuned for more!

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