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The Visceral Glitch offers a critical refusal of the new pragmatism, and a commitment both to the utopian force of the radical attempt and against today’s vicarious aesthetic. He exhibits indispensable boldness in this age of political surrender and intellectual timidity.

-Mark Stewart (The Pop Group, Solo)

It can be difficult for actual musicians to navigate a landscape full of pop star self-promotion and corporate money in order to find their listeners. The Visceral Glitch are an unpretentious solution to the problem of marketing noise when trying to make your people aware of a new release.  Lovely and fun without pandering to fashion or sexism is so very rare! I’m grateful to have benefited. 

-Kristin Hersh (Solo, Throwing Muses, 50 foot wave)

Although New York City can be the center of the art universe at times, one would be surprised how hard it can be to connect and find artists you can trust and work with.

I met The Visceral Glitch in the midst of this scene and found a creative entity not only able to garner my trust, but also deliver the goods. To date, we've worked on three videos to promote music releases for my bands, and each time Daniel has brought cutting edge visuals, new storyline concepts, and an eager willingness to collaborate and listen. These great traits combined have drawn new eyes and ears to our projects and helped sell our product across the globe.

-Kevin McGinnis (New Rising Sons, Twiggy Branches)


The Visceral Glitch created the animations and videos to promote our new album ‘In Disguise’, and we couldn’t have been more impressed with the outcome. The goal was to bring more attention to our band’s social media accounts at a time when it was much needed, and we achieved that. We worked extremely hard together and the process was exciting and stress free. It’s all we could’ve asked for in a work relationship. We really look forward to working together in the future, big thank you.

-Jack Grbac (The Dead Licks)

Animated Album cover - Throwing Muses
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