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NFT Collections

New Glitch City

New Glitch City is a collection of daily glitches taken around Manhattan.



TRASH is a celebration of  used and discarded objects.

I first heard about Trash Art at NFT NYC 2021. The concept is to take discarded elements and repurpose them into something new.  I was curious if trash could inspire me enough to glitch it up.

It was trash day and there was an abundance of garbage all over the streets.  Mountains of trash bags became landscapes and large items morphed into shapes and textures. The trash was calling, and I was listening.

That night I made my first Trash Art glitch. There was something cheeky and mischievous about creating this glitch. It felt wrong to make something beautiful out of what people were throwing away.  That’s when I knew it was right.

I invite those who feel put upon by the world and left out in the cold to consider trash is the artifact of our rich and varied existence. By repurposing it, I reconstruct it and invite you to reconsider your role as a co-creator of trash.

The Journey


The Journey tells the story of returning to your true self after finding yourself lost. Every step we take brings us closer to our future and further from our past. It is a journey of learning and discovery, with ups and downs, twists and turns, but overall progress every step of the way.

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