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Born in Cape Town in 1975 and raised in Dallas, Daniel Kramer, aka The Visceral Glitch, is an artist who masterfully blends art, spirituality, and technology. The name "Visceral Glitch" perfectly captures the emotional shifts his work evokes.


Daniel's artistic journey began in London, where he earned a BA in Sound Engineering and worked at Metropolis Studio before joining the BBC in 2000. In 2005, Daniel moved to New York and transitioned into the world of graphics, earning an MFA in Design and Technology from The New School. He worked as a motion designer and art director for prestigious clients like Rolling Stone Magazine, JP Morgan Chase, Mike Bloomberg's Presidential Campaign, and Complex Magazine.


In 2018, inspired by a friend's Instagram post using the Glitchè app, Daniel began a daily design discipline that quickly became his passion. Over four years, he honed his unique style of glitch art, leading to his involvement in NFTs, art fairs, and his debut gallery show in Brooklyn in 2022.


2023 was a year of expansion and community building for Daniel. He hosted Permissionless Popups in Manhattan and Brooklyn, launched a monthly Digital Art Salon, and curated Glitch Night at Station 3. He also released the NFT TRASH collection, incorporating healing Solfeggio frequencies and supporting the Psychedelic Access Fund, and became an AR ambassador for Artivive.


Looking ahead, Daniel's journey continues to inspire. In April 2024, he launched "The Everlasting Glitchstopper," the first project on Transient Labs' 7160 Doppelganger contract. This NFT entitles the owner to one new piece of artwork until 2074. Additionally, he will showcase his work at Miami Art Week, the NOLCHA NFT NYC show, and Lume Studio.


Daniel's daily commitment to creating art remains unwavering, as he constantly pushes boundaries and ignites minds with The Visceral Glitch.


Join Daniel on this captivating journey where art transcends boundaries and inspires the mind.

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