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Meet Daniel Kramer, the creative genius behind The Visceral Glitch. Based in Brooklyn, Daniel is a digital video artist with an impressive track record, having Art Directed for major brands like JP Morgan Chase, Complex, and Rolling Stone Magazine.


In 2018, Daniel embarked on a personal project, creating daily glitches that quickly catapulted him into the spotlight as one of the pioneers of the Glitch community. The Visceral Glitch was born, a persona dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries and challenging comfort zones.


Daniel's passion project, The Visceral Glitch, continued to thrive in 2022, with forays into NFTs, participation in art fairs, and a debut gallery experience in Brooklyn.


In 2023, Daniel expanded his creative horizons, hosting park pop-up events in Manhattan and Brooklyn, creating a community hub with his monthly Digital Art Salon for glitch, AI, generative, and AR artists. He also curated a captivating Glitch Night at Station 3, featuring live glitch art and a curated video showcasing 30+ glitch artists.


Daniel's commitment to art and charity shine through with the release of an NFT TRASH collection, incorporating healing solfeggio frequencies and supporting the Psychedelic Access Fund.


Looking ahead, Daniel's star continues to rise as he's invited to showcase his work during Miami Art Week at the renowned SLS and Sagamore venues. Additionally, he's gearing up for the launch of an exciting new merch collection in early 2024.


Prepare to be captivated by The Visceral Glitch, where art breaks boundaries and inspires the mind.

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