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An AR Journey Unveiled

A transformative spectacle recently unfolded at Northern Lights, where my visionary glitch art took center stage. This immersive showcase unveiled a diverse array of glitch art creations, inviting attendees to embark on a journey into the digital unknown.

For many, it was a first-time encounter with the captivating world of AR and glitch art. The exhibition served as a portal to a realm where reality danced with the surreal, pixels came to life, and boundaries dissolved.

My show at Northern Lights was more than an exhibition; it was an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of creativity. As attendees immersed themselves in the glitched wonderland, they discovered a new dimension of artistic expression—one where technology and imagination converged in perfect harmony.

This event was a celebration of the unexpected, a testament to the power of glitch art to challenge perceptions and ignite curiosity. It left an indelible mark on those who ventured into its visionary embrace, reminding us that glitch art is not just an art form—it's an experience that defies the ordinary and celebrates the extraordinary.

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