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Aurum Daybreak

I’m super excited to announce my collaboration with the exquisite Maxximilian on the Aurum, Daybreak collection. She provided a vehicle to explore past your imagination and I glitched it into another dimension.

I began with a sleek white gold automobile that beckoned to be shifted and rearranged into a new shape. Once the new image emerged, I added some motion to scroll it across the screen to let you feel the movement as you prepare for your journey. More distortion and glitch elements were added as a purplish hue engulfed the car.

Set and setting is always important and thankfully I had some landscape images that Maxximilian provided me. These layers added a sense of fluid movement as the cloud’s glitch across the screen. Now that you have your destination, you are ready to blast off.

I’ll be posting a making of video soon and I can’t wait to share the final NFT with you!

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