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Celebrating Glitch Art's Diversity in Mona's Metaspace

Curated by the visionary The Visceral Glitch, an event recently unfolded, shining a spotlight on the captivating diversity of glitch art. It began within the digital corridors of a Twitter Space, where glitch art enthusiasts congregated. Discussions delved into glitch aesthetics, cultural significance, and the expansive potential of this intriguing genre.

Yet, the grandeur awaited in the ethereal realm of Mona's metaspace—an afterparty featuring over 20 unique glitch art pieces. What set these creations apart was their AR activation, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. Each piece transformed reality into an immersive glitched wonderland.

The Visceral Glitch's curation celebrated the myriad perspectives and approaches within glitch art. It left attendees inspired, eager to explore the limitless horizons of this dynamic art form. This event was more than a celebration; it was a testament to glitch art's innovative and inclusive spirit, where technology becomes a brush, and reality serves as a canvas, embracing the glitch and all its wonders.

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