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Craving Connection at ETH Denver’s ECHT Collection

I'm thrilled to announce that my piece, Craving Connection, was featured in the ECHT collection at ETH Denver. This exhibit celebrates authenticity and creativity in the digital age, urging artists to delve deep into their true selves.

About the ECHT Collection

“Echt” translates to “authenticity” in German, symbolizing truth and genuineness. The exhibit challenges artists to explore the boundaries between reality and imagination, encouraging the creation of authentic and meaningful art.

About Craving Connection

Craving Connection captures the essence of digital disconnection. "Glitching through the Oculus in Manhattan, I feel the world disconnected around me. Lost and isolated into little machines that ping and scream our name." It reflects our fragmented existence in a tech-driven world.


It was an honor to exhibit alongside talented artists and friends like Let’s Glitch It, Chazz Gold, and Denver Donkey. Their presence added a vibrant energy to the show.

Check out the curation and view my artwork here.

ETH Denver’s ECHT collection was an incredible platform to showcase raw, authentic art. I’m grateful for this opportunity and excited for future exhibitions. Stay tune


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