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Crypto Monday: A Live Glitch Collaboration with Amy Digi

Last night, the vibrant atmosphere of Crypto Monday in New York set the stage for a unique artistic collaboration. Invited by the talented Amy Digi, I had the chance to perform a live glitch art demonstration that captivated the audience.

Our creative concept was simple yet powerful: Amy would draw my portrait, and I would transform her image into a mesmerizing glitch. The fusion of traditional drawing with digital distortion brought a fresh and dynamic energy to the event.

The collaboration was a big success. Our performance not only showcased the seamless blend of our artistic styles but also infused Crypto Monday with an unforgettable vibe of art and love. Julie, the organizer of Crypto Monday, added a special touch by gifting Amy and me each a bottle of wine from Gary Vee, making the evening even more memorable.

Here's to more innovative collaborations and the magic of glitch art!


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