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Discovering Transformation Through Art: A Dive into the World of 'TRASH'

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In a riveting episode of "Proof of Change", host Ash Cooper Kerns delves deep with glitch artist The Visceral Glitch, uncovering the layers of the groundbreaking NFT collection, 'TRASH'. But this isn't just a journey through captivating visuals; it's an exploration of how art, technology, and healing frequencies intertwine to address generational trauma.

'TRASH' stands out not just as a visual spectacle, but as a beacon for those seeking solace and understanding in the world of digital art. With a focus on the curative potential of healing frequencies and psychedelic therapy, this NFT collection offers more than aesthetics—it offers a pathway to introspection and rejuvenation.

Join Ash and The Visceral Glitch as they navigate the intricate labyrinth of 'TRASH', unveiling the transformative power of NFTs, and how they are shaping the conversation around mental well-being in the modern age.

For those passionate about art, healing, and the future of digital expression, this episode promises a profound insight into the union of these worlds. Dive in and be transformed.

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