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The Everlasting Glitchstopper

Today, a new era of digital art dawned as the Everlasting Glitchstopper was released on Maker’s Place, utilizing the groundbreaking 7160 contract from Transient Labs. This unique NFT offers an astonishing 600 pieces of glitch art, revealed gradually over the next 50 years—a visionary project the world has never seen before.


The launch was serendipitous, coinciding with our spring break trip to Orlando. With my daughter off school, we journeyed to visit my wife’s parents. Little did we know, Orlando would become the magical birthplace of the Everlasting Glitchstopper. Surrounded by family, the city’s vibrant energy infused the launch with an extra layer of enchantment.


Celebration was in order! We gathered an extraordinary group of friends and collaborators Together, we toasted to this revolutionary milestone, our glasses raised high in a mix of excitement and wonder.


As the Everlasting Glitchstopper begins its 50-year journey, each new piece will be a testament to the enduring allure of glitch art. Here’s to celebrating the fusion of creativity and technology, and to the incredible adventures that lie ahead.

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