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Trash IG live

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In an invigorating IG Live session, I teamed up with Jevon Nicholson from Psychedelic Access Fund and the electrifying Gli1tch, an EDM maestro weaving Solfeggio frequencies into his art. The rendezvous wasn't just a casual chat; it was a deep dive into the transformative world of NFTs, specifically focusing on the groundbreaking project, TRASH.

TRASH isn't just any NFT collection. It's a beacon of hope, healing, and elevation. Every minted TRASH NFT doesn't just offer its holder a piece of digital art, but it serves as a gateway to funds that champion the cause of psychedelic healing. And the cherry on top? Buyers are endowed with Solfeggio frequencies - timeless sonic waves that have the profound ability to mend the heart and uplift the psyche.

For those uninitiated in the rapidly evolving NFT universe or seeking a safe passage through its intricacies, I've got you covered with a comprehensive guide. NFTs are more than just digital assets; they're a revolution in art, ownership, and in the case of TRASH, holistic well-being. Get your hands on our safe guide here.

Download PDF • 986KB

To further entice your senses, we unveiled a sneak peek into the ethereal virtual space of Nowhere, showcasing the TRASH collection in all its glory. An experience that's not just seen, but felt.

Ready to embark on a healing journey with TRASH? Mint your NFT here.

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