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Experience the dynamic fusion of chaos and unity with the Glitchlyn Bridge postcard, a 4”x6” AR-activated masterpiece through Artivive. Printed by Moo on Super Soft Touch Standard Postcards, this artwork elegantly combines tactile sophistication with digital innovation. "Glitchlyn Bridge" embodies the acceptance of chaos and the resilience of unity, where fragmented pieces converge and diverge, symbolizing the ebb and flow of life. Despite glitches and fractures, the borough stands firm, showcasing unwavering strength. This artwork celebrates the beauty in imperfection and the journey to a new realm, inviting viewers to embrace the transformative power of breakdowns and cross over to a world of possibilities. Embrace the chaos to destroy and rebuild the world around you with this unique blend of glitch art and augmented reality.



Glitchlyn Bridge

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