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Daniel Kramer

Drawing on decades of experience producing music documentaries for the BBC and motion design for the media and ad industries, Daniel Kramer, Founder/Principal Creative of The Visceral Glitch, is on a mission to help bands engage fans online with compelling, bespoke content.


Daniel has art directed a number of graphics-based videos and promos for renowned labels and bands, including a single cover for Noel Gallagher, a tour promo for Kristen Hersh, an album promo for the New Rising Sons, and album promos plus a Spotify Canvaes for The Dead Licks. He has an ongoing relationship with Mute Records, creating a social promo and lyric video for the reissue of The Pop Group's debut album 'Y' and an Instagram filter to promote Haai's EP 'Put Your Head Above The Parakeets' 


During the spring and summer of 2021, Daniel art directed the 10th anniversary of A2IM's Libera Awards. A virtual show, graphics were vital to making the event feel cohesive and celebratory. He designed and animated the entire show which included 30 categories, eight live performances, and two lifetime achievement awards.  


Back in 2020, as Covid hit and venues shut down, Daniel partnered with A2IM to develop a livestream, UnderCover, that gave musicians a place to perform, collaborate, and raised money for artists in need via The Musicians Foundation. 


Daniel began his career at BBC Radio in London, producing music documentaries for a variety of networks, including 6Music, 1Xtra, Radio 2, and The World Service. Upon moving to Brooklyn, he shifted gears from audio to motion design, crafting animated content for a range of clients from major brands (e.g, JPMC, Amazon Prime, Mike Bloomberg, etc.) to independent comic book artists. He has also art directed a variety of show packages for publishers, including Complex and Rolling Stone.

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